Scrip code*513693
NSE Symbol
MSEI Symbol
Name of the company*K I C Metalik Limited
Registered office address
Registered office address*3B, Lal Bazar Street, 4th Floor,Room No.2
Registered office state*West Bengal
Registered office city*Kolkata
Registered office district*Kolkata
Registered office pin code*700001
Registered office contact number*ISD Code*STD Code*Number*
Registered office fax03340019636
Registered office country*INDIA
Registered office
Registered office email[email protected]
Correspondence address
Same as aboveYes
Correspondence address3B, Lal Bazar Street, 4th Floor,Room No.2
Correspondence stateWest Bengal
Correspondence cityKolkata
Correspondence districtKolkata
Correspondence pin code
Correspondence contact numberISD CodeSTD CodeNumber
Correspondence fax03340019636
Correspondence countryINDIA
Correspondence email[email protected]
Reporting quarter*30-06-2018
Face value*10

Stock Exchange Details :

Name of stock Exchange

Listed Capital

% Of total issued capital

Name of other stock exchanges where the company's securities are listedBSE Ltd709920013.6

Capital Details :

Number of shares% Of total issued capital
Issued capital*52199200
Listed capital (BSE) (As per company records)*709920013.6
Held in dematerialised form in CDSL*14894342.85
Held in dematerialised form in NSDL*550750710.55
Total no.of shares*709920014
Reasons for difference if any, Between issued capital and listed capital*45100000Textual Information(1)
Reasons for difference if any, Between issued capital and total number of shares*45100000Textual Information(2)
Reasons for difference if any, Between listed capital and total number of shares*0Textual Information(3)

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Textual Information(1)
The Company has alloted 45,100,000 7% Non Cumulative, Reedemable Preference Shares of rupees 10/- each to various non-promoter investors which are not listed on any stock Exchange. 
Textual Information(2)
The Company has alloted 45,100,1000 7% Non- cumulative, Redeemable Preference Shares of rupees 10/- each to various non-promoter investors which are not listed on any stock exchange.
Textual Information(3)
The Company has alloted 45100,1000 7% Non cumulative, Reedemable Preference Shares of  rupees 10/- each to various non-promoter investors which are not listed on any stock exchange.  

Certifying the details of changes in share capital during the quarter under consideration as per Table below :

Whether changes during the quarter*No

Register of members is updated*Yes
If not, Updated upto which date
Reference of previous quarter with regards to excess dematerialised shares,If any.Nil
Has the company resolved the matter (excess dematerialised shares mentioned above) in the current quarter ?*NA
If not, Reason why ?

Mentioned the total no.of requests, If any, confirmed after 21 days and the total no.of requests pending beyond 21 days with the reasons for delay

Total no.of demat requestsNo.of requests*No.of shares*Reasons for delay
Confirmed after 21 days*00
Pending for more than 21 days*00

Compliance Officer Details

Name of the compliance officer*Ruchika Fogla
Designation*Company Secretary
Membership NosA23339
Telephone no.*033-22103301
Fax no.033-40019636
E-mail id*[email protected]

Certifying Auditor Details

CA/CS*Company secretary
Name of certifying auditor*Rakesh Agrawal
Date of issue of report*17-07-2018
Address*159, Rabindra Sarani, 9th Floor, Room No.9B-1, Kolkata
Contact no.*033-66078104
Fax no.-
Membership no.F8792
Firms registration number of audit firm
Name of the firm*Rakesh Sharma
COP number9014

Registrar and Share Transfer Agent Details

Appointment of common agency for share registry work*Yes
Name of RTAM/s. S.K Infosolutions Private Limited
SEBI registration no.INR000003886
Address34/1A Sudhir Chatterjee Street, Kolkata
StateWest Bengal
Contact no.033-2219697
Fax number of RTA033-22194815
E-mail id[email protected]
Website Address
Any other detail that the auditor may like to provide. (e.g. BIFR company, delisting from SE)Textual Information(1)

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Textual Information(1)
Textual Information(1)