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We believe that long-term business sustainability and value creation are closely connected to social integration. Our resolute focus on the Iron & Steel industry provides us with an ever needing dedication towards our personnel and ones in our surroundings. We always integrate healthy human resource practices, environment, health and safety considerations into business planning and decision making. At K I C we are always inspired by our own guiding principles of conducting our businesses with a human touch.

Environment management

Our planet is fragile. It needs love and sensitivity. Sustainability of humanity hinges directly with the well-being of the planet. As responsible corporate citizens, we care. We believe that an unspoiled environment is the greatest inheritance we can leave to the next generation. Our environment sustainability programme includes:

  • Implemented greening activities in and around the plant to protect the environment.
  • Efficient air and water pollution measures following the principles as laid down by various government agencies.
  • Waste gases being reprocessed for the generation of power for captive use thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Solid waste management system in adherence with pollution control norms ensuring the lesser degradation of environment.

Social Welfare

As a socially responsible organisation, we lay emphasis on making meaningful contribution towards the community. Various social welfare measures discharged by our Company include:

  • Beautification, upkeep and development of the temple and pond inside the plant premises.
  • Active celebration of 26th January & 15th August and distribution of food and sweets amongst the employees.
  • Celebration of Vishwakarma Puja at plant premises with active participation of employees.

Health and Safety

Good health is recognized a basic driver of growth and safety at the work place is treated as a non-negotiable instrument. Both are as important as production, quality efficiency and every other aspect of the performance of the Company.

  • Protected employee health by establishing a well-equipped occupational health centre with a qualified doctor.
  • Free medical health check-up camp for employees.
  • Regular training for all employees.
  • Regular safety rounds.
  • Investment in safety apparatus as well as a periodic inspection of personal protective equipment and installation of medical oxygen cylinders at hazardous gas prone areas.
  • Proper illumination of working areas to avoid any accidents.

Our Company, in pursuit of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy is driving development projects addressing the need related to health, education, livelihood, institution and capacity building in various villages in and around Durgapur and Kolkata. K I C’s CSR team works towards improving the living conditions of the underprivileged and makes a positive difference in their lives. A number of focused initiatives have been implemented for the environmental and economic development of people, thereby making their world a “better living place”.


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