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Pig Iron

K I C Metaliks Limited has a Mini Blast Furnace with a capacity to produce 1, 65,000 MTPA Pig Iron. It
produces high quality grades of Pig Iron with low sulphur and low phosphorus content due to use of
superior iron ore and low ash coke suitable for the manufacture of all types of castings. It’s one of the
leading suppliers of Pig Iron in eastern India.

KICML produces the following grades of the Pig Iron and typical constituents are as follows:
Grade Carbon(%) Silicon(%) Phosphorus(%) Sulphur(%) Manganese(%)
Foundry Grade 3.80-4.20 2.0-2.5 Max 0.150 Max 0.060 Max 1.00
Foundry Grade 3.80-4.20 1.5-2.0 Max 0.150 Max 0.060 Max 1.00
Malleable Casting 3.80-4.20 1.0-2.0 Max 0.150 Max 0.060 Max 1.00
Basic Iron 3.80-4.20 Under 1.25 Max 0.120 Max 0.060 Max 1.00

By Products

In addition to manufacturing and supplying high quality foundry grade Pig Iron, KICML also offers a range of by-products. Some of the by-products manufactured by KICML are –

Slag –    KICML manufactures and supplies Granulated Blast Furnace Slag for cement plants.

Pig Iron Scrap

  • Pig Casting Machine (PCM) scrap
  • Pig Iron Runner
  • Pig Iron Skull
  • Pig Iron Chips

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