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1. Mini Blast Furnace

KICML is having a Mini Blast Furnace of a capacity of 1,65,000 TPA for manufacturing hot metal. Built on TATA Korf Technology, the MBF was upgraded to produce 1,65,000 MT of hot metal per annum in comparison to 1,10,000 MTPA earlier using state of art technology which ensures higher productivity, reduction in consumption of iron ore and improved quality parameters.

The liquid hot metal is produced through reduction of iron ore in the furnace and is casted in moulds to solidify in the form of ingots or ‘pigs’ about 2 foot long and 3-4 inches thick.

2. Sinter Plant


In the present day scenario, the mini steel plants, as a move of backward integration, are installing sinter plants to feed the MBF. The reason behind this trend is to produce marketable hot metal/pig iron at low cost. Also cost of iron ore lumps which is a major raw material for producing pig iron is much higher as compared to cost of iron ore fines and hence production and use of sinter in MBF reduces the cost of production of hot metals. Further, charging Sinter into Blast Furnace also increases its productivity and helps in utilization of other steel plants wastes.

At K I C Metaliks Limited, we integrated backward by setting up state-of-the-art technology, the Annular Sinter Plant with a capacity of 3,36,600 MTPA, where it would convert the iron ore fines and coke fines into coarsed grained iron ore sinter for charging the blast furnace.

Sintering process would benefit the Company in terms of reduction into the cost of production of pig iron and would also eliminate the charging process of raw limestone and dolomite into the Blast Furnace to a certain extent. Further, it also aids the conversation of iron-ore by utlising iron-ore fines which are otherwise sold in the market at throw away prices.

3. Captive Power Plant


Pig Iron generates a huge amount of waste heat/gas during the production process. The total heat/gas generated is not utilized fully but 45% is discharged through the exit gases through chimney and many hazardous gases are released into atmosphere through this waste heat/gas. These gases cause dangerous health problems to people living in surrounding areas to these industries and contribute largely to global warming. But this waste heat/gas when trapped and converted to steam results in effective power generation & efficient usage of our resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Keeping the above advantages in view, K I C Metaliks has set up a 4.7 MW Blast Furnace Gas based Captive Power Plant. This power generation will meet the partial electric energy requirement of the Company and would also reduce its dependence on the power supplied by DPL.

At K I C Metaliks our investments in captive power generation capacity are both a measure of our fundamental strength and an insurance against the rising energy costs. The main advantages offered by this plant can be listed as – clean power generation and no production of green house & polluting gases.